为什么选择硬件钱包 Why choose a hardware wallet?

Q:Why choose a hardware wallet?
A:When you own crypto, what you really own is the private key that gives you access to your assets. Anyone can deposit crypto assets in a public address, but funds cannot be removed from an address without the corresponding private key. Private keys shall not be compromised, as they guarantee ownership of digital assets. Hardware wallets store them offline, far from hackers' reach.

Q:Why not just keep using my software wallet?
A:Software wallets are not safe for crypto storage because they create digital copies of your private keys which are at risk of being stolen by hackers. Anyone who gains access to your private keys can easily access your accounts and steal your funds.

Q:Why are hardware wallets safe?
A:The biggest difference between hardware wallets and software wallets or mobile wallets is that they use a dedicated encryption chip to store keys and the keys cannot be exported within the chip, cutting off hackers' access to network intrusions. In this way, even if the computer or mobile phone using the hardware wallet is infected by a virus or hacked, the security of the key can be ensured and no loss will be caused.