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What is Bright Moments

Jul 05,2024


— Web3 is an exciting space that puts community and digital ownership front and centre.

— It’s a physical Web3 gallery bringing the most exciting elements of Web3 to life, and offering a great onboarding experience for newcomers.

— The event is a gallery, but people who mint a token there will leave with education, an experience and their first ever blockchain asset.

— Its next event will take place in London in 2022 – will you be there?

Bright Moments is the physical art gallery making Web3 a visceral experience – and it could be coming to a place near you.


If you know, you know. That’s a pretty good summing up of Web3 when you think about it, because the first adopters tend to be pretty tech-savvy already.


But beyond that wave of early adopters, it can be hard for the average person to get past the jargon of Web3, and understand what it means for them personally. Technology can be hard to relate to, and it tends to be a solo experience; minting an NFT, for example, doesn’t have the same appeal as a real-life, social event.


And there’s another barrier to entry too. Engaging with Web3 means connecting your crypto wallet, and your real value, making the experience seem pretty intimidating to new users, or keeping them out altogether.


What if there was a way to experience Web3 on a more human level – bringing the most exciting parts of its culture together with a smooth onboarding experience and valuable education for newcomers? This is where live NFT gallery Bright Moments comes in.


Interested? You should be! Let’s take a deep dive into the rich culture of Bright Moments, the art gallery putting you into the buzz of Web3.


Bright Moments: a Physical NFT Gallery

Have you ever been to a tech conference, comic con or a music festival? These events  help us to explore and experience our interests or hobbies IRL, they are a chance to connect with others, build communities and have memorable shared experiences.


Bright Moments is creating a similar kind of experience, by bringing NFT art and culture together in a physical gallery, for anyone to connect with. Bright Moments is a self-proclaimed “leaderless gallery system” – a DAO owned and governed by its decentralized community; its mission is to bring live NFT exhibitions right to your doorstep. And it’s not just about observing, but also participation, with real-life experiences allowing newcomers to onboard into Web3 in a fun, memorable setting where they can ask questions about the stuff they don’( quite get. Attendees can mint a token on-site, for example, and leave with their first ever blockchain asset, as well as a great onboarding experience.


Despite gaining clout in the space, Bright Moments is relatively new, having launched its first gallery at Venice Beach in 2O21; since then there have been two more galleries, in New York and Berlin, each one with its own distinct flavor and of course its own unique NFT collection.


Bright Moments Exclusive Collections

The “Berlin Collection”, for example, was collection of 100 NFTs designed by its ten featured artists, which could then be minted exclusively by holders of Bright Moments exclusive Golden Tokens at the event.


Bright Moments DAO also keeps a reserve of each collection, which they distribute to key players in the space to create a solid community of artists and influencers in their orbit.


CryptoCitizen NFTs


The CryptoCitizen NFT gives each of the owners membership in the Bright Moments DAO. CryptoCitizens can be minted during each installation. Th8-bit NFT characters are inspired by the environment in which they are minted.


For example those minted during the Venice Beach pop-up; CryptoVenetians reflect the neighborhood’s eclectic residents; some are holding surfboards, others have roller skates etc. Those who minted at the New York event; CryptoNewYorkers got iterations including some that have dogs and various weather conditions that New Yorkers experience each season. Likewise, those who minted an NFT during the Berlin event get their very own CryptoBerliner.


We’re minted IRL in our hometowns by real people – some are new to crypto, some are serious collectors, but everyone’s welcome.


Bright Moments DAO


Not only do minters get to enjoy a piece of crypto art, but the NFTs also carry exclusive access and voting rights within the Bright Moments DAO.  The members are made up of the artists who create the art, and the people who attend the events, bringing the community to life by linking its member via real shared moment.


Bright Moments is creating a much richer experience that is simply not possible to get by simply following NFT chatter on Twitter or scrolling through OpenSea.


The gallery’s next event will be in London in July 2022, and will of course featute its own Crypto Londoners, and exclusive mint collection, as well as a chance to engage with Web3 on a more human level.


Bright Moments: Bringing Blockchain to Life


The NFT space can be hard to understand but events like Bright Moments can help break down the barriers and open the door for a much wider audience to have a chance to understand and enjoy the space.


Now you’re an expert on Bright Moments, you can go forth and explore the event – and it’s DAO – for yourself. You never know, it could end up being Web3 Woodstock.

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