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Mar 06,2024


24 词恢复短语(也称为助记词种子种子助记词)是您所有Ledger加密货币账户的主密钥



 Ledger 客服是否需要我的恢复短语才能帮助我解决技术问题?

  • ,Ledger 客服为您提供帮助并不需要知道您的 24 词恢复短语。
  • 任何企图获取您恢复短语的人都应被视为诈骗者
  • 切勿告诉任何人您的恢复短语,包括 Ledger


  • 初始设置期间,务必确保在 Ledger 设备屏幕上获取您的 24 词恢复短语。Ledger包装盒内没有恢复短语。包装盒中的恢复表应该是空白的。
  • 请勿创建恢复短语的数字拷贝。请勿拍摄您的恢复短语。请勿在密码管理器中保存恢复短语。您的恢复短语需要严格保持离线状态。
  • 第一次记下恢复短语时,确保每个助记词的编号正确。使用圆珠笔,不要用铅笔。使用更易于阅读的大写字母。使用 BIP-39 列表,确保所有恢复助记词拼写无误。
  • 始终留存恢复短语的物理副本。对于长期冷存储来说,记住恢复短语并非安全策略
  • 请勿打乱您的恢复助记词。
  • 请勿将 Ledger 的 24 词恢复短语导入 MetaMask。这会有损恢复短语的安全性。
  • 请勿将 MetaMask 的 12 词恢复短语导入 Ledger 设备。您的 MetaMask 恢复短语是在线生成的。因此,它并不安全。将其导入 Ledger 设备会危及所有从该恢复短语衍生的 Ledger 账户。
  • 谨防虚假宣传获得 Ledger 认可的骗局。Ledger 从不支持空投,空投可能会掩饰以诱骗您透露恢复短语为目的的骗局。如果某个提议看似好到不太真实,那很可能是假的。
  • 学会保护自己,预防人身攻击
  • 观看此视频,了解恢复短语如何在后台运作


与恢复短语一样,您需要在设备初始设置期间选择您的识别码。强识别码是保障 Ledger 账户安全的关键。

  • 识别码始终应该由您本人选择。切勿使用非您本人设置的识别码。
  • 输入识别码时始终避开他人视线,防止他人窥视。
  • 请勿将您的识别码保存在电脑或手机上。
  • 如果您认为识别码已经泄露,也可以更改您的识别码。
  • 请记住,连续三次输入错误识别码会导致 Ledger 设备重置。如果遇到这种情况,唯一的方法是使用恢复短语来恢复您的账户


  • 8 位识别码比 4 位识别码更加安全
  • 选择难以猜测的识别码。容易猜到的识别码(例如 0000、12345678 或 55555555)并不安全
  • 请勿选择您的出生日期作为识别码。


  • 使用密码短语(仅建议高级用户使用此功能)最大限度地提高您的账户安全性。
  • 还有其他问题?请联系 Ledger 客服寻求帮助,我们很乐意为您效劳。


How to protect your recovery phrase?

Your 24-word recovery phrase (sometimes called a mnemonic or seed phrase) is the master key to all your crypto accounts.

Anyone gaining access to your recovery phrase can very easily clone your accounts on their own device (or software wallet) and spend your funds.

As such, it's very important to keep your phrase secure and private at all times.

 Does Ledger Support need my recovery phrase to help me solve technical issues?

  • No, the Ledger Support team does not need to know your 24-word recovery phrase to help you.
  • Anyone trying to access your recovery phrase should be considered a scammer.
  • Please never share your recovery phrase with anyone, including Ledger.

 Here's a list of tips to help you custody your recovery phrase securely:

  • Ensure that your 24-word recovery phrase is obtained from your Ledger device's screen during the initial setup. Your recovery words do not come in the box. The set of recovery sheets included in the box should be blank.
  • Do not make a digital copy of your recovery phrase. Do not take a picture of your phrase. Do not save your phrase into a password manager. Your recovery phrase needs to stay strictly offline.
  • When first writing down your recovery phrase, make sure to number each word correctly. Use a ballpen and not a pencil. Use capital letters, they are easier to read. Make sure each recovery word is correctly spelled by using the BIP-39 list.
  • Always keep a physical copy of your recovery phrase. Memorizing your recovery phrase is not a safe strategy for long-term cold storage
  • Do not scramble your recovery words.
  • Do not seed your Ledger 24-word recovery phrase into Metamask. This would compromise your phrase.
  • Do not seed your Metamask 12-word recovery phrase into your Ledger device. Your Metamask recovery phrase was generated online. As such, it is not secure. Seeding it into your Ledger device would compromise all the Ledger accounts that are derived from that recovery phrase.
  • Be cautious of scams falsely promoted as Ledger endorsements. Ledger never supports airdrops which can be covers for scams aiming at tricking you into revealing your recovery phrase. If an offer seems too good to be true, it likely is.
  • Learn to protect yourself against physical attacks. More on this.
  • Learn how your recovery phrase works under the hood by watching this video.

How to protect your PIN code?

Like your recovery phrase, your PIN code must be chosen during the device's initial setup. A strong PIN is key to the security of your Ledger accounts.

  • Always choose your PIN code yourself. Never use a PIN code you did not choose yourself.
  • Always enter your PIN code out of sight and away from prying eyes.
  • Do not store your PIN code on your computer or phone.
  • Change your PIN code if you believe it's been compromised.
  • Remember that typing three wrong PINs in a row will reset your Ledger device. If this happens, your only option is to restore your accounts by using your recovery phrase.

 How to choose a strong PIN code?

  • An 8-digit PIN is more secure than a 4-digit PIN.
  • Choose a PIN that's hard to guess. Easy-to-guess PIN codes like 0000, 12345678, or 55555555 are not secure.
  • Do not choose your date of birth as a PIN code.

Advanced security features

  • Maximize your account security with a passphrase (this feature is only recommended for advanced users).
  • Any questions? Contact Ledger Support for assistance, we'll be happy to help.